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Game of Thrones vf hd Saison 7 Episode 7 streaming vf

Game of Thrones saison 7 episode 7 - Le dragon et le loup

After the frightful battle against the White Walkers beyond the Wall, Daenerys, Jon Snow and their allies set out to meet the Lannisters in the hope of negotiating a truce. Will they find the right arguments? Will the threat of the army of the dead be enough to motivate Cersei to find common ground with the Mother of the Dragons and the King of the North? More than ever, Tyrion will have to be convincing in front of a sister who wants only one thing: to see him dead! As for Winterfell, Littlefinger is still plotting to ride the Stark sisters together …

Aug. 27, 2017

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  • Maxavril 19, 2019Répondre

    Cersei Lannister et la Banque de Fer c’est l’image cynique de l’alliance contemporaine des 1% avec la finance internationale…

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